THE STORY: The Medal of Honor is awarded to those Soldiers who display a level of courage well beyond the call of duty. These Soldiers are afforded a level of respect within and outside the Army. Their stories need to be heard and experienced to provide the context of the actions they took that led to the awarding of the Medal. It’s often difficult to engage someone enough to take a moment to walk a mile in their shoes.

MY ROLE: As Creative Director and overall Director, I developed the concept to ask: What would you do? With a trusty Producer at my side, I led the scripting of each of five diverse Medal of Honor action sequences and then the development and experience design from the team at SkyWatch.

The result is a profound experience that walks the user through each step of the Soldier’s courageous acts, stopping at crucial decision points along the way to ask multiple-choice questions and reveal the real-life actions taken by the Medal of Honor recipient.

AGENCY: The Scenic Route