THE STORY: The Shelby Family Collection, located in Dallas, Texas, houses the memories, artwork, keepsakes, artifacts, and cars of Carroll Shelby's children and grandchildren. Carroll Shelby had a fluid way of describing his life, and many authors disagree on what is fact and what is fiction. What is undeniable is his impact on the world of high-performance machines, from his early days as a winning driver to his years of dominating track and street racing with the cars that bear his name. 

MY ROLE: As the Creative Director and Curator, I developed the visitor experience based on the family's rare and rarely seen collections. To tell this wide-ranging story, I researched Carroll Shelby's history from several resources while also creating a catalog of the hundreds of artifacts for the family. I aligned the collection accordingly, curating what would be displayed and how the visitor would consume such a vast amount of information. The physical artifacts occupy several vitrines, three display cases, and 60 drawers. Two interactive kiosks contain hundreds of pages of business documents, magazine articles, family scrapbooks, rare photographs, and a detailed map of Carroll's life. Fortunately, I was also able to write, design, and art direct all of the graphic panels and car placards, as well as design, direct, and produce the interactive kiosks and edit the videos for the space. 

AGENCY: The Scenic Route