THE STORY: Omaze is all about Social Good. The company is on a mission to change the way non-profit fundraising is done – by providing these groups with access to millions of potential donors and offering them a chance to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The bigger the project, the more opportunity for integration and the more I like it. Omaze offered that opportunity in buckets and at a breakneck pace. Each offering has dozens of assets created for different outlets and at specific phases throughout the campaign’s life. The simple call to action is always to click to donate. The not so simple aspect is the Why, and that's where the creative fun is.

MY ROLE: As the Head of Content and ECD, I had the pleasure of overseeing a team of Creative Directors and their teams, encouraging collaboration in crafting each story. The volume and velocity of their output make any change a challenge. But Omaze’s rapid growth and the onboarding of their first CMO demanded the scalability of the Creative Studio. As a testament to this full-team collaboration, we brought the new Brand Guidelines to the world with a new logo and a new Win-Win approach to the messaging.

While at Omaze, I took on the role of the CD of Autos to work through a new, cost-saving creative approach. This position allowed me to directly influence the strategic Planbook, script development, production, and post-production for a fleet of drivable offerings - and get an inside look at how we could optimize the process.

My most satisfying role was that of Mentor to the creative leaders. In our weekly one-on-one meetings, I helped them navigate their goals, inter- and cross-departmental obstacles, and career paths within a changing company. In a world of too many meetings, these were the ones that felt the most rewarding.

AGENCY: In-house

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