THE STORY: We found a unique way to engage young minds with the artifacts and displays at the Petersen Automotive Museum. The staff educators wanted a way for children to learn about the nuts and bolts of the automobile but do it in a “don’t touch” space. By bringing Pixar’s Cars movie characters to life through our iPad-based CarsPad Augmented Reality experience, we created a new layer of fun and interactive education using the museum’s entire second floor. 

MY ROLE: As Creative Director and overall Director and Producer, I developed the concept along with the Scenic Route team, led the experience design, wrote the Cars character’s dialogue, oversaw the 3D animation, and the final AR project. I had the distinct pleasure of working with the Cars team at Pixar and the AR engineers and animation team at CloudPic. Most of the original cast provided the voice acting for the experience. 

THE CONCEPT: The Cars movie characters come to life right on the floor in front of the user through Augmented Reality. Mater (the Educator!) introduces his fellow characters at each stop, who then provide information about one aspect of building a car to race with Lightning McQueen. The stops correspond to the exhibits in the museum galleries as the player gets to design, build, optimize, fuel, and paint their car. Then, outside the Motorsports Gallery, Lightning helps them set up their driving specs before hitting the track at the RACE stop. The player then sees how their car and track settings fare against Lightning’s. After the race, the player can see their car in AR as it burns rubber to celebrate a well-run race.

AGENCY: The Scenic Route