THE STORY: The National Museum of the US Army (NMUSA) hired us to create an Experiential Learning Center for their long-awaited museum. The teams at The Scenic Route and the Army Game Studio committed to designing and fabricating an experience that expands a child’s understanding of the Army. The space needed to support a throughput of 50 3-12 grade students per group, with exciting experiences that make learning and discovery fun. Younger visitors also required a place to explore at their own pace. The solution was to create an Assembly Area with several experiences to keep a group engaged while another group explored the Training Center, and a third worked together to solve a humanitarian crisis in the Learning Lab. The Fort Discovery area would also be buzzing with the activity of several younger kids and their caregivers. 

MY ROLE: As the Creative Director for the ELC, I led the internal and external creative teams, including co-directing the software development from the Army Game Studio. This allowed me to oversee the visitor experiences, write and art direct exhibit areas, design the Experiential Learning Center brand look, direct and produce videos and touchscreen interactives, and design and write the pre-opening website.

In the Assembly Area, groups first encounter the Growing Up Army exhibit. The museum staff sent photo and video requests and a series of questions to dozens of Army families. We created a photomontage for the exhibit area, a 30-minute documentary, and a Family Feud-type team-based interactive game from their responses. 

The Assembly Area is also home to the Army Innovations interactive, which reveals the Army’s role in creating everyday items like cell phones and space travel. On the same wall, the Army Behind the Army video suite shows how the organization supports Soldiers through logistics, mail, meals, and other efforts. 

We created an immersive set of experiences for the Training Center based on the Army’s use of Geography, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (G-STEM). In themed environments, squads of visitors work through a series of missions that train them for the game they’ll play when they move to the Learning Lab.  

The Learning Lab is home to the Operation Safe Passage experience. Here, squads work together to solve G-STEM-based problems to rescue the inhabitants of an island that has been rocked by an earthquake. 

Fort Discover offers children opportunities to use Army Innovations to succeed at a series of games hosted by Army mascot mules. They can also paint Army vehicles, try on virtual Army uniforms, launch a rocket, build a base, and work in the mess hall or mail room. A climbing set gives them a place to use some pent-up energy. The towers are equipped with radios that communicate between them and the pint-sized Jeep at floor level. 

AGENCY: The Scenic Route

Experiential Learning Center Promotional Video

Assembly Area Experiences

Training Center Experiences

Fort Discover Experiences

<h3>ATTRACT AND SELECT SCREEN</h3><p>Players choose from four educational modules based on historic Army innovations. Famous Army mascots Blackjack and Buckshot encourage players through voice over and text. Background music and simple animations keep the experience fun.</p>