THE STORY: Children’s play areas at many venues lack true stimulation of both the mind and body. There needs to be an opportunity to learn as well as expend some physical energy. Combining educational touchscreens, tracing tables, an interactive costume experience, imaginative play areas, a rocket launcher, and a multi-tower climbing experience gives every kid their own way to discover something new. The client’s only request: incorporate the Army’s mascot, the mule, into the experience.

MY ROLE: As Creative Director, I oversaw the design and development of all the experiences and named Fort Discover. The internal design and fabrication team built the structures while I led our creative and education teams in crafting the experiences. Additionally, along with a talented Producer, I led the design and development of the touchscreen interactives and the Camo Camera uniform experience with the team at SkyWatch.

AGENCY:The Scenic Route

<h3><b>ATTRACT AND SELECT SCREEN</b></h3><p>Players choose from four educational modules based on historic Army innovations. Famous Army mascots Blackjack and Buckshot encourage players through voice over and text. Background music and simple animations keep the experience fun.</p>