THE STORY: The National Museum of the US Army (NMUSA) wanted an Experiential Learning Center for their long-awaited museum. When they saw what our team was capable of, they added their website, Medal of Honor and Congressional Gold Medal experiences, and a multi-sensory theater to their wish list. The project moved through many phases throughout several years with changing leadership, with the results being far beyond what the Army thought possible.

MY ROLE: As the Creative Director for the entire project, I led the internal and external creative teams, including the Army’s Software Engineering Directorate. Throughout the project, this allowed me to develop the visitor experiences, write and art direct exhibit areas, design the Experiential Learning Center (ELC) logo, direct and produce videos and touchscreen interactives, and design and write the pre-opening website.

In the ELC, we created an immersive set of experiences for school groups and casual visitors based on Geography, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (G-STEM) learning; Army innovations; and the Army Behind the Army video suite.

From my direction for the Growing Up Army area, the museum staff sent questions to dozens of Army families, along with requests that they video some of the answers and send us photographs of their families. We developed a 30-minute documentary, a photomontage for the exhibit area, and a Family Feud-type interactive game from this content.

Our work extended to exhibits celebrating the heroic Soldiers awarded the Medal of Honor and the Nisei Soldiers’ Congressional Gold Medal story. For the Army Theater, we provided a 270-degree surround video, a sync-motion seating platform, dynamic lighting, and an audio experience that carries the visitor through the history of the Army, based on the Soldiers’ selfless values.

AGENCY: The Scenic Route

Pre-opening Promotional Video

Experiential Learning Center Outreach Video