THE STORY: The National Museum of the US Army (NMUSA) hired us to develop an Experiential Learning Center for their long-awaited museum. When they saw what our team could do, they added a pre-opening video and website, a multi-sensory immersive theater, and Medal of Honor and Congressional Gold Medal experiences to their wish list. The design and fabrication project moved through many phases over several years and changing leadership, with the results being far beyond what the Army thought possible.

MY ROLE: As the Creative Director for each project phase, I led the internal and external creative teams in support of the Army Game Studio. This allowed me to develop the visitor experiences, write and art direct exhibit areas, direct and produce videos and touchscreen interactives, and oversee the design and writing of the pre-opening website.

For the Army Theater, we created a sync-motion seating platform, dynamic lighting, and an audio experience to support a 300-degree surround video that carries the visitor through the Army‘s history based on the Soldiers’ selfless values.

Through informative graphics, videos, and interactive experiences, our Medal of Honor exhibit and garden plaques celebrate the heroic Soldiers awarded the Medal of Honor since its inception during the Civil War. The Nisei Soldiers’ Path to the Congressional Gold Medal exhibit reveals the courage and fortitude of the “Go For Broke” Japanese-American Soldiers of World War Two. 

AGENCY: The Scenic Route

300-Degree Surround Theater - Showing “Of Noble Deeds”

<h3>THE WHAT WOULD YOU DO? INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE</h3>  <p>The kiosk is home to a thought-provoking experience that lets visitors walk a mile in a Soldier‘s boots. The actions that each Soldier took that led to their Medal of Honor are the basis of the experiences.</p>

<p>Japanese American Soldiers of the 100th Infantry Battalion, the 442d Regimental Combat Team, and Military Intelligence Service, collectively known as “Go for Broke,” were honored with the Congressional Gold Medal in 2011.</p>

Pre-opening Promotional Video

Pre-opening Web Site