THE STORY Activision was coming back from the ashes of bankruptcy as a company. In its fledgling years, the video game marketing world was uncharted territory in print, on television, on the web, and at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

MY ROLE: As Creative Director at Activision and then ECD of the Activision account at Ignited Minds, I oversaw all campaign materials – package design, print advertising, marketing videos, television, online advertising, and websites. Taking an integrated approach, we started with the package the customer would ultimately see at the time of purchase and let that inform the brand message through all media.

As a creative leader, what I most appreciated during this time was the opportunity to mentor creatives and those wishing to become creatives. Helping people find their way to a new way of thinking and seeing is a reward for the creative, the company, the client, and me.

Here are some highlights from the deluge of releases from Activision through my years in the gaming world.

AGENCY: Activision/Ignited Minds